First tentative steps towards a return of live music made in Hawick

The way in which we enjoy music has changed immensely during the Covid-19 lockdown, with online viewing becoming the new norm.

Monday, 31st August 2020, 4:48 pm
Charlotte and Heather Sterland perform in Hawick on Saturday.

However, an out-of-this world performance by classical and jazz group Interstellar Duo, held in Hawick on Saturday, is thought to have been the first live outdoors concert since the pandemic hit in March.

The young stars behind the performance, Charlotte and Heather Sterland – who say they are based in London and Hawick – said it was an ideal chance to experiment with social distancing measures, with chairs being laid out two metres apart, and it was a small, but important step back to what will be considered the “new normal”.

Organisers were only given the go-ahead the week of the concert, meaning the performers had very little time to finalise their set, but were quick to adapt to the situation and built a magical forest set in the courtyard at Towerdykeside.

The seatrs were spaced two metres apart.

The Cornucopia Room, in Unit 4, Towerdykeside, opened the courtyard gates at 3pm on Saturday to residents for a free concert, in which the ladies played two sets of songs from their first two records, and material from their new upcoming releases, as well as a rendition of a Spanish song.

And the 30 or so attendees were thrilled to be at the event.

“There is an atmosphere which is undeniably different for a live concert,” said the duo.

“This is what people miss the most.”

The concert took place in the Cornucopia Room courtyard on Saturday.

“While for many the desire to celebrate could not be further from their minds, there has to be a balance between staying safe and enjoying life.

“For many, going out to a concert is one of life’s greatest joys, and venues that can provide this will find that they sell tickets.

“As an intrinsic part of the borders culture, it was great to welcome live music back.”

An exhibition by the sisters’ mum, artist Julia Sterland, is on display indoors at the same venue, until tomorrow, Friday, September 4.

Julia Sterland's exhibition is in the Cornucopia Room in Hawick all this week.