It’s arrivederci and au revoir as two Hawick restaurants dish up last suppers

It’s au revoir and arrivederci for two continental restaurants in Hawick.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 6:37 pm
Sonia Merzetti in her Sandbed bistro in Hawick.
Sonia Merzetti in her Sandbed bistro in Hawick.

Diners in the town have been hit with a double blow following the announcements that two restaurants in Sandbed, Le 2016 and Sonia’s Bistro, will soon be off the menu.

Two part-time and two full-time members of staff are being laid off after the closure of the Italian restaurant Sonia’s Bistro.

Opened in 2008 by Sonia Merzetti, the decision has been taken due to unforeseen family events, she said.

Le 2016 in Hawick's Sandbed.

Sonia has thanked customers for their loyalty over the years and emphasised that the adjoining Bridge House Guest House, which she also runs, is unaffected and is to remain open.

She said: “We regret to inform you that Sonia’s Bistro will close as of Saturday, September 28, due to unforeseen family events.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to all our customers who have supported us over the years, and a special thanks to all our staff, both past and present, who we’ve had the pleasure to work with and who have contributed to our successes.”

Sonia added: “It wasn’t an easy decision but it was unavoidable due to the current circumstances.

“However, if circumstances change in the future, I would not rule out it reopening. We will have to see.”

French couple Eric and Adele Desneuf worked in Michelin star-rated establishments across the world before deciding to open Le 2016 three years ago.

The restaurant, serving traditional French cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients, has proved popular with discerning foodies and has been nominated for a number of accolades, including the Scottish Thistle Awards.

However, the couple have now announced they will also be serving their last suppers next month.

They have not disclosed the reason for their departure but are believed to be taking on a new challenge.

In a statement on the their Facebook page, they thank customers for their support.

It says: “Le 2016 will close down on Saturday, October 26, after service.

“We are now serving our last menu, which is a selection of our most popular dishes from the start.

“Thank you for your support and we hope to welcome you to Le 2016 one last time.”

Customers have reacted to the news with sadness on social media sites, with some suggesting the eatery had not received enough support from townsfolk.

Ellen Aitken wrote: “That is so sad. Eric and Adele are so welcoming and absolutely brilliant at their jobs.

“Shame on Hawick people for not supporting them.”

Elna Jane Pearl posted: “It has been a real pleasure for us to eat your beautiful food and experience your lovely hospitality.

“You are both extremely talented, and I wish you all success in your new adventure.”

“This is extremely sad news for Hawick”, said Anne Kernaghan, with Amy Brydon adding: “You have been an absolute asset to the town.”

The news follows the recent closure of the vegan cafe Borderville, in Bourtree Place, just a few months after opening its doors.

The gift shop, No 4 Gifts and Interiors, opened in O’Connell Street in November 2017, will also close next month.

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