When in Athens ... diary of two successful special athletes


A WEEK on from their Olympic adventures in Athens, Borders golden girls Anne Peacock and Lucy Porteous are keen to tell of their journey.

Both girls attended Jedburgh Borders Games on Saturday where they had their medals on display.

Anne, 27, from Innerleithen, won a gold in the sprint relay and bronze in the 200m, while Lucy, 22, from Stichill, won a gold in the tennis doubles and silver in the singles.

As promised, the girls kept a diary of their trip and now wish to share it with all their supporters in the Borders.

Monday, June 20

Arrived at the Port of Skiathos where we signed into our hotel and had some settling down time with the other athletes.

Later we attended a reception for the mayor, committee members and volunteers of the host town organising committee.

Tuesday, June 21

Enjoyed some leisure swimming before attending a play performed by the local high school children.

Wednesday, June 22

Went to the Monastery of Evangilistria, where we played games in the front yard. We watched Mamma Mia in the afternoon before having dinner at a restaurant in Troules, at the kind offer of Mr and Mrs Potamianos, before enjoying some Greek dancing.

Thursday, June 23

Joined in the Special Olympics parade through the streets of Skiathos as part of the British delegation.

Friday, June 24

Travelled to Athens, it was a long bus ride to our accommodation where we had tea and went to bed.

Saturday, June 25

Had some practise for our events in the morning, then attended the opening ceremony in the afternoon. It was great, Stevie Wonder was great, but had to leave early because a lot of people got ill.

Sunday, June 26

To Sunday July 3

Began to compete in the various competitions. Things went in a bit of a blur, but it was great to compete against people from all over the world. When we weren’t competing ourselves we went to watch the others or played cards and things with teams from other countries. It was really nice meeting everyone.

Monday, July 4

Went to the closing ceremony at the Panathinaiko Stadium, which was also great. It was a bit sad that everything was over, but we had had a good time, met loads of new friends and performed at our best. What more can you ask?

Tuesday July 5

Flew back to London where we got a great welcome. We were interviewed and photographed, it was really exciting. Then we got our flight back to Edinburgh.

We would just like to say from both of us, thanks for all the support we have had both back home and while we were in Athens.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, although we both hope to make the Special Olympic GB Team again, and we were really proud to represent the Borders and our country at such a big event. A huge thanks to everyone.