Weighty arm curls on the bounce

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Day 20 did not bring trampolining as I had promised in my last blog as the phone rang and I got sidetracked. Instead, I did 50 arm curls on each arm, with hand weights. Painful!

To mark my third week, I carried out 50 leg lunges for each leg – agony on the thighs.

I am not organising the times of my challenges well, judging by day 22 – 150 step-ups at 10pm. This was difficult after a hard day of dance at work.

Day 23 was a challenge not to be forgotten. I set off at 6.50am for Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow for a PE conference, and got stuck in loads of roadworks and traffic jams on the way.

I must have run around the outside of Ibrox several times, in my best clothes and high heels, trying several doors only to suss that I was, in fact, in the wrong place and had to get to Hampden pretty quick!

I eventually found the National Staduim with limited knowledge of Glasgow and enjoyed listening to inspirational speakers.

I got back at around 8.30pm and went straight to the Rotary quiz to try to see my daughter’s school team (missed it, unfortunately) then home.

There were plenty of mental and physical challenges, with my run around Ibrox burning loads of calories.

My spinning class kept me company, once again, for the 50 leg squats on the bike on day 24. Ouch.

And as I did not get trampolining in last week, I needed to slot it in on day 25 to get back on track with my challenge schedule. I did 50 rather crumpled bounces with the odd seated bounce in there too – just to see if I could still do them – upsetting our new neighbour’s lovely dog in the meantime.

Day 26 witnessed my biggest challenge yet – turning down the offer of some lovely wine and gorgeous looking traybakes and chocolate biscuits at a leaving night for our very good neighbours.

Day 27 – after another long day at badminton in Wishaw I eventually found my challenge sheet and managed 50 wall press-ups.

I am over halfway now – but the hardest half is still to come.

I have a full week ahead of me and I have put in more difficult physical challenges in this second half of the month.

You have to do this if you want to improve. I have collected in more than £550 now, so thanks to everyone for their help – would love to reach the £1,000 mark.

Still wearing red, so look out for me going about.