Uplifting experience at famousBorders mountain bike routes

Forest Enterprise Scotland is joining forces with a new commpany '“ Adrenalin Uplift '“ to provide a new bespoke shuttle service at both Innerleithen and Ae Forests's downhill mountain bike routes.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 11:20 am
From left, Malte Iden (Forest Enterprise Scotland), Gary Anderson (Adrenalin Uplift), Gordo Hodge (Adrenalin Uplift), Katie Jarvis (Forest Enterprise Scotland).

Run by two enthusiastic biking entrepreneurs, Gordo Hodge and Gary Anderson, the new service will provide regular uplifts for downhillers at both the venues.

In addition, Adrenalin Uplift aims to widen the service so that transport will be available to mountain bikers between Glentress forest and Innerleithen.

Also, a new mountain bike uplift season pass, the first of its kind in the UK, will provide regular monthly use, priority bookings and a range of discounts for regular users.

Malt Iden, recreation forester with Forest Enterprise Scotland said: “We’re very keen to keep mountain biking at the top of its game in the south of Scotland in order to continue supporting the tourism sector.

“The guys at Adrenalin Uplift are very enthusiastic and have plenty of new ideas to keep bikers coming back again and again.”

Adrenalin Uplift has also secured agreements with the local bike shops at Innerleithen and Ae to provide priority mechanical services or spare part rentals to keep riders riding.

Gordo Hodge, of Adrenalin Uplift added: “Both Gary and I are super-stoked to have the uplift contract and cannot wait to spin the buses for both downhillers and enduro riders looking to get more descents in a day.”

Gordo started riding mountain bikes in the ‘80s while working as a bike mechanic in Ayrshire, before moving to Italy and travelling in other parts of the world.

He also runs the mountain bike tour company Adrenalin Rehab and winter sports tour operator Snow Rehab.

Gary’s two-wheeled adventures started in the early ‘90s, riding mainly in the north of England.

An engineer by trade, he’s been enjoying riding all over Europe recently and across the many trail networks in Scotland.