Trust pitches facilities share plan to council

SPORTS clubs in Selkirk could find themselves sharing facilities if plans to develop a community ‘sports hub’ come to fruition.

Border Sport and Leisure trust have put forward their proposals to advance their Borders-wide plans to create a hub around each of the nine local high schools to Scottish Borders Council (SBC) and, if approved, sports clubs could find themselves sharing their facilities.

Funding for a two-year manager post to develop the idea has already been obtained from Sport Scotland and community sports hub manager Mark Drummond is now in charge of driving the project forward.

In Selkirk, the proposals could mean a shared lease for the back pitches at Yarrow Park, rather than Selkirk FC alone.

At their June meeting, Selkirk Community Council expressed concern that if pitches, including the one at Philiphaugh Primary School, were fenced off, that the proposal would prevent informal use.