The sporting week ahead

LANGHOLM COMMON RIDING GAMES: Friday, July 27 – At The Castleholm (1.30pm).

BORDER SENIOR LEAGUE: Tuesday, July 31 – Jedburgh v Wilton; Peebles v Abbotsford; Newtown v Selkirk/Ettrick Forest; Buccleuch v Hawick; Kelso v Earlston/Melrose.

BORDER FIRST DIVISION: Wednesday, August 1 – Melrose v Abbotsford; Earlston v Wilton; Kelso v Ancrum; Waverley v Jedburgh; Hawick v Gala.

BORDER SECOND DIVISION: Wednesday, August 1 – Peebles v Newtown; Ettrick Forest v St Ronans; Stow v Buccleuch; Lauder v Selkirk.

BORDER B LEAGUE: Wednesday, August 1 – Abbotsford v Waverley; Gala v Kelso.

BORDER BAKERY CUP/GROUSE VETERAN CUP/FINDLAY LADIES CUP/GRAEME MOWITT JUNIOR CUP: Sunday, July 29 – At Braidwood Sporting Clays near Midlem. Entries close at noon, all welcome.

BORDER 20/20 CUP: Thursday, July 26 – Gala v Melrose (6pm).

EAST LEAGUES: Saturday, July 28 – Division Two, St Boswells v Edinburgh South. Division Three, West Lothian II v Gala. Division Four, Kelso v Largo II; Peebles County v Edinburgh University Staff. Division Six, Selkirk v Teuchters. Division Eight, Hawick & Wilton v Morton II. Division Nine, Edinburgh South III v Peebles County II (1pm).

BORDER SUNDAY LEAGUE: Sunday, July 29 – Hawick v Kelso; Melrose v Manderston; St Boswells v Penicuik; Langholm v Selkirk (1.30pm).

GALA FC FOOTBALL FESTIVAL: Saturday, July 28 – Livingston U14s v Gala Fairydean Youth 15s; Tweedbank 8/9/10s v Gala Dean 8/9/10s; Gala Fairydean Youth 14s v Hutchison Vale 13s; Gala Rovers v Gala Hotspur at Netherdale (12pm). Fundraiser for Gala’s injured footballers.

PRE SEASON FRIENDLIES: Saturday, July 28 – Vale of Leithen v Newton Grange Star (2pm). Tuesday, July 31 ‑ Selkirk v Hibernian XI (6.30pm); Pumpherston Juniors v Vale of Leithen (7pm).

PREMIER LEAGUE: Thursday, July 26 – Ipswich Witches v Berwick Bandits (7.30pm). Friday, July 27 – Scunthorpe Scorpions v Berwick Bandits (7.30pm). Saturday, July 28 ‑ Leicester Lions v Berwick Bandits (7.30pm).