The sporting week ahead

PEEBLES BELTANE SPORTS: Sunday, June 24 – At Whitestone Park (2pm).

BORDER SENIORS LEAGUE: Tuesday, June 26 – Kelso v Buccleuch; Selkirk/Ettrick Forest v Hawick; Newtown v Peebles; Wilton v Abbotsford; Jedburgh v Gala.

BORDER FIRST DIVISION: Wednesday, June 27 – Abbotsford v Hawick; Waverley v Gala; Kelso v Jedburgh; Earlston v Ancrum; Melrose v Wilton.

BORDER SECOND DIVISION: Wednesday, June 27 – Selkirk v St Ronans; Buccleuch v Newtown; Stow v Ettrick Forest; Lauder v Peebles.

BORDER B LEAGUE: Wednesday, June 27 – Hawick v Kelso; Gala v Waverly; Wilton v Abbotsford.

BORDER 20/20 CUP: Thursday, June 21 – Gala v St Boswells; Selkirk v Kelso (6pm).

EAST LEAGUES: Saturday, June 23 – Division Two, St Boswells v Heriots. Division Three, Kirk Brae v Gala. Division Four, Kelso v Morton; Falkland II v Peebles County. Division Six, Selkirk v Boroughmuir II. Division Eight, Hawick & Wilton v Kirk Brae II. Division Nine, Peebles County II v Musselburgh III (1pm).

BORDER SUNDAY LEAGUE: Sunday, June 24 – Manderston v Penicuik; Selkirk v St Boswells; Langholm v Kelso; Gala v Hawick (1.30pm).

GALA FAIRYDEAN YOUTH FC AGM: Thursday, June 21 – In the upstairs lounge of the Salmon Inn (7pm). Particularly welcome will be parents of prospective players for the 2012-13 season born on or after January 1, 2000.

LEAGUE CUP: Saturday, June 23 – Berwick Bandits v Sheffield Tigers (7pm).