The sporting week ahead

BORDER FIRST DIVISION: Wednesday, May 30 – Abbotsford v Melrose; Wilton v Earlston; Ancrum v Kelso; Jedburgh v Waverley; Gala v Hawick.

BORDER SECOND DIVISION: Wednesday, May 30 – St Ronans v Peebles; Selkirk v Newtown; Buccleuch v Ettrick Forest; Stow v Lauder.

BORDER B LEAGUE: Wednesday, May 30 – Kelso v Wilton; Waverley v Abbotsford; Hawick v Gala.

BORDER SENIORS LEAGUE: Tuesday, May 29 – Jedburgh v Newtown; Hawick v Gala; Wilton v Kelso; Earlston/Melrose v Peebles; Selkirk/Ettrick Forest v Buccleuch; Abbotsford‑ Bye.

EAST LEAGUE: Saturday, May 26 – Division Two, St Boswells v Edinburgh CC. Division Three, Murrayfield DAFs II v Gala. Division Four, Kelso v Dunfermline II; Dunfermline Carnegie v Peebles County. Division Six, Selkirk v Dunbar. Division Eight, Hawick & Wilton v Carlton IV. Divison Nine, Peebles County II v Edinburgh South IV (1pm).

BORDER SUNDAY LEAGUE: Sunday, May 27 – Melrose v Penicuik; Gala v Langholm; St Boswells v Kelso; Selkirk v Manderston; Biggar v Hawick (1.30pm).

BAL DIVISION C: Thursday, May 24 – St Boswells v CFC Bowholm (6.15pm).

WADDELL CUP FINAL: Friday, May 25 – Leithen Rovers v Pencaitland at Greenlaw (6.45pm).

FORSYTH CUP FINAL: Saturday, May 26 – Tweedmouth Amateurs v Greenlaw (2pm).

SBJFA LEAGUES: Sunday, May 27 – Under 17s, Gala Fairydean v Duns (1pm). Gala need just one point to win the league and will be presented with the trophy on Sunday if they achieve this.

BAL DIVISION A: Tuesday, May 29 – Leithen Rovers v West Barns Star (6.15pm).

BEVERIDGE CUP FINAL: Tuesday, May 29 – Hawick Waverley v Pencaitland at Selkirk (6.45pm).

BORDERS FESTIVAL OF HOCKEY: Saturday, May 26 – At Tweedbank. PS Festival involving nine junior centres from around the Borders (9am-11am); Potential Squad (Under-12) and Development Squad (Under-14) matches v Watsonians (11am-12.30pm); awards ceremony (12.30pm); Under–15s tournament involving Kelso, Borders Fjordhus, Lincolnshire, Cala and Edinburgh (12.30pm-2.30pm); Scottish Lady Masters v Borders Select (2.30pm-4pm); Boys/Mens session (4pm-5pm).

LADIES DAY: Sunday, May 27 – At Kelso race course (first race 2.15pm). See preview above.

PREMIER LEAGUE: Saturday, May 26 – Berwick Bandits v Glasgow Tigers at Shielfield Park (7pm).