The sporting week ahead

GALA HARRIERS HANICAP X COUNTRY RACE & CLUB XC CHAMPIONSHIP: Saturday, November 12 – Boleside to Hollybush (2pm) followed by Presentation Night at 7pm in the British Legion Clubrooms. All members welcome.

SOUTH OF SCOTLAND CHALLENGE CUP THIRD ROUND: Saturday, November 12 – Vale of Leithen v Selkirk (2pm)

EOS FIRST DIVISION: Saturday, November 12 – Peebles v Gala Fairydean; Heriot Watt University v Hawick Royal Albert; Preston Athletic v Kelso United (2pm).

SCOTTISH AMATEUR CUP THIRD ROUND: Saturday, November 12 – Hawick Waverley v Watt Star (Replay, 1.30pm); Harestanes v Leithen Rovers (2pm).

BAL DIVISION A: Saturday, November 12 – Gala Rovers v Duns Amateurs; Hawick Legion v Newtown; Langholm Legion v Chirnside; Tweeddale Rovers v West Barns Star (2pm).

WRIGHT CUP SEMI-FINAL: Saturday, November 12 – Coldstream Amateurs v Linton Hotspur (1.30pm).

BAL DIVISION B: Saturday, November 12 – Chirnside Colts v Hawick United; Greenlaw v Jed Legion; Heart’s of Liddesdale v Stow; Selkirk Victoria v Tweedmouth Amateurs (2pm).

COLLIE CUP FINAL: Saturday, November 12 – Winton v CFC Bowholm at Woodside Park, Kelso (1.30pm).

BAL DIVISION C: Saturday, November 12 – Gala Athletic v Earlston Rhymers; Gala Hotspur v Kelso Thistle; Hawick Legion Rovers v St Boswells; Tweedmouth Amateur Colts v Lauder (2pm).

SCOTTISH YOUTH CUP THIRD ROUND: Sunday, November 13 – Gala Fairydean v Aberdeen at Albert Park (2pm).

SBJFA LEAGUES: Sunday, November 13 – Under 14s, AM United v Gala Fairydean; Kelso v Peebles; Selkirk v Lauder. Under 15s, Gala Fairydean v Hawick; Kelso v Duns; Selkirk AM United. Under 17s, Gala Fairydean v Kelso; Peebles v Hawick; Lauder v Selkirk.

NATIONAL LADIES DIVISION TWO: Saturday, November 12 – Borders Fjordhus v Waverley Inveresk Trinity at Volunteer Park, Hawick (2pm).

EAST LADIES PREMIER DIVISION: Saturday, November 12 – Liberton v Kelso.

EAST LADIES FIRST DIVISION: Edinburgh University V v Borders Fjordhus II.

EAST MENS FIRST DIVISION: Saturday, November 12 – Erskine S/M III v Reivers.

BOOKERS BORDER LEAGUE/RBS SCOTTISH CUP: Saturday, November 12 – Kelso v Gala; Hawick v Selkirk; Peebles v Jed (3pm).

RBS NATIONAL DIVISION ONE: Saturday, November 12 – Hawick YM v Kilmarnock; Murrayfield v Langholm (2pm).

RBS EAST DIVISION ONE: Saturday, November 12 – Hawick Linden v Preston Lodge; Berwick v Forrester; Portobello v Duns (2pm).

RBS EAST DIVISION TWO: Saturday, November 12 – Earlston v Dalkeith; Broughton v Hawick Harlequins; Dunbar v Gala YM (2pm).

RBS EAST DIVISION THREE: Saturday, November 12 – St Boswells v Liberton; RDVC v Walkerburn (2pm).

RBS NATIONAL RESERVE LEAGUE ONE: Saturday, November 12 – Melrose 2XV v Hillhead/Jordanhill 2XV (2pm).

RBS NATIONAL RESERVE LEAGUE TWO: Saturday, November 12 – Selkirk 2XV v Musselburgh 2XV (2pm).

RBS EAST RESERVE LEAGUE ONE: Saturday, November 12 – Gala A v Lasswade 2XV; Kelso 2XV v Peebles 2XV; RHC 2XV v Jed-Forest A; Murrayfield Wanderers 2XV v Melrose Knights (2pm).

RBS EAST RESERVE LEAGUE POD A: Saturday, November 12 – Selkirk Stormers v Edinburgh Accies 4XV (2pm)

SEMI-JUNIOR LEAGUE: Saturday, Saturday, November 12 – Melrose Wasps v Tyndale Colts; Jed Thistle v Hawick Wanderers; Peebles Colts v Langholm Colts; Gala Wanderers v Duns Colts; Kelso Harlequins v Berwick Colts; Selkirk YC v Hawick PSA (2pm).

BRITISH & IRISH CUP: Sunday, November 13 – Melrose v Bedford (2pm).

UNDER-16 LEAGUE: Thursday, November 10 – Gala Red Triangle v Melrose. Sunday, November 13 – Selkirk v Jed-Forest; Hawick Albion v Duns; Peebles v Kelso.

Check with all clubs for kick-off times.

BROWN BROTHERS BORDER LEAGUE WEEK 10: Thursday, November 10 – Selkirk A v Hawick Conservative Club A; Innerleithen v Hawick Burns Club A; Border Club v St Boswells; Hawick Burns Club B v Kelso; Hawick Conservative Club B v Jedburgh; Peebles v Selkirk B.