Southern readers can help support ASP athletes

WE HOPE you have enjoyed TheSouthern’s weekly insight into the lives of our local athletes who are helped by the Borders Athlete Support Programme (ASP).

As our weekly profiles come to a natural conclusion, the ASP is setting up an ASP Supporters’ scheme and would like to invite our readers to be amongst the first to contribute to further supporting the region’s developing athletes with locally-provided services aimed at helping them fulfil their sporting potential.

ASP manager Gregor Nicholson explained: “Like many support organisations, in order to pay for the services which are provided to the selected athletes, the ASP depends on an annual grant. Initially, this came directly from Scottish Borders Council, and it is now provided through Borders Sport and Leisure Trust. I have been fortunate since starting to manage the programme, to have had a surplus carried over from an underspend in years one and two of the programme.

“This has allowed us to operate with an enhanced level of service in recent years beyond the level of our annual grant, but we have now reached the stage where the surplus has all but gone and additional funds will be required in order to maintain the current level of service and the number of athletes on the programme.

“The ASP Supporters’ scheme is an opportunity for individuals or organisations to make a donation of as little as £10 towards enhanced service provision.”

Further information on how to become a supporter of the ASP, and on the programme in general, is available at

Or be one of the first ASP supporters by sending your cheque payable to “Borders Athlete Support Programme” to the ASP at 3 St John Street, Galashiels TD1 3JX.