Young Souters are up for the fight

COMPLIMENTS had to go to Selkirk on Sunday whose depleted team, comprising mainly of their 2nd XV, brought great credit to the town and their club by putting on a battling performance at Hughenden.

The fact that the half-time score stood at just 3-0 to the hosts, thanks to a Stuart Howie penalty, was much down to some tenacious tackling by the visiting Souters, some of whom had been playing at the Gala sevens less than 24 hours previously.

Selkirk had the advantage of the wind in the second period, but could make little headway through the home defence, despite the touchline efforts of their main jumper, Rory Aglen, and the incisive running of Darren Clapperton.

Hills reverted to a restricted game and profited from a maul some 10 metres from the Selkirk line which rolled its way to the try area, with the powerful Joe Stafford being credited with the touchdown. The final score fell to Stafford who sprinted over the line from 10 metres.

Tackling everything that moved and just lacking that wee bit of experience proved Selkirk’s downfall, but all in all, the young side could be proud of their commitment.

Selkirk: D. Clapperton; N. Godsmark, R. Nixon, J. Hendrie, R. Godsmark; C. McColm, M. Davies; N. Wielbo, J. Bett, B. Reid, S. McDonald, R. Aglan, K. Reid, C. McDougal, E. McDougal. Subs; M. Robertson, M. Waldron, C. Ward, R. Wilson.