Young and Skeen head the way in attacking stats

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Only Gala and Jed-Forest played from our seven Premiership teams at the weekend because of the weather, but even in defeat we saw a change at the top of the table in the defence stats, with Jed becoming the best defensive team in the Borders in Premiership matches, having conceded just 206 points in their 10 games played so far.

The Riverside Park outfit are suffering a recent bad run of form, but only the game against Heriot’s on Saturday counts towards their totals, so if they start getting back to winning ways they could see themselves staying close to the top and even winning the category.

Gala’s uncharacteristic poor defensive display against Currie saw them slip from first to third.

Melrose are still top as far as league points are concerned, though, having amassed 46 so far, with Gala, who have scored no league points in their opening two fixtures in Premier A, stuck in second on 43.

Scoring tries has never been a problem for the black-and-yellows and they have a five-try lead in that table from Jed, with Gala six behind in third.

Melrose also head the best attack list with 353 points so far this season in their Premiership campaign. Gala are on 298 with Jed on 283.

A word on Selkirk’s defence, which last year was the worst in the Borders. Right now they hold down second place, something which will give the club a lot of satisfaction and something to build on.

Individually, Jed’s Gregor Young’s eight tries in the first part of the season gives him the lead. Incredibly, he scored all eight in the first five games of the season and hasn’t crossed the try-line in Premiership rugby since September 24, leaving team mate Darren Gillespie and Selkirk’s Fraser Harkness to close the gap with seven each this season in league games.

Andrew Skeen heads the points-scoring table at the moment, with 138 points for Melrose, but Gala’s Lee Millar has got to within a point of that total thanks to his four penalties on Saturday. Selkirk’s David Cassidy is in third on 127, the only other local Premier team player to get into triple figures.


1 Melrose 46

2 Gala 43

3 Jedforest 36

4 Selkirk 35

5 Kelso 30

6 Peebles 16

7 Hawick 9


1 Melrose 45

2 Jedforest 40

3 Gala 34

4 Kelso 32

5 Selkirk 26

6 Hawick 20

7 Peebles 19


1 Melrose 353

2 Gala 298

3 Jedforest 283

4 Kelso 266

5 Selkirk 255

6 Peebles 177

7 Hawick 162


1 Jedforest 206

2 Selkirk 227

3 Gala 231

4 Melrose 247

5 Kelso 255

6 Peebles 304

7 Hawick 298



Gregor Young (Jedforest)


Darren Gillespie (Jedforest)


Fraser Harkness (Selkirk)

Gregg Minto (Kelso)

Andrew Skeen (Melrose)

Fraser Thomson (Melrose)


Darren Clapperton (Selkirk)

Bruce Colvine (Melrose)

Alan Emond (Gala)

David Gobby (Jedforest)

Ross Goodfellow (Jedforest)

Opeta Palepoi (Gala)

Lewis Young (Jedforest)

Most Points By A Player

1 Andrew Skeen (Melrose) 138

2 Lee Millar (Gala) 137

3 David Cassidy (Selkirk) 125

4 Neil Warnock (Peebles) 94

5 Chris Laidlaw (Jedforest) 79

6 Greg Ponton (Kelso) 68

7 Lee Armstrong (Hawick) 47

8 Gregor Young (Jedforest) 40

9 Darren Gillespie (Jedforest) 35

9 Fraser Harkness (Selkirk) 35

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