Top flight clubs make draft picks

THE first draft of pro players to Premier One clubs has taken place with newly promoted side Gala getting first pick.

Naturally the likes of Chris Paterson and Ross Ford are very unlikely to be turning up for club games, but they will certainly do something for the club they are assigned to in terms of taking sessions. But for fringe players such as David Denton, who won his first cap on Saturday and who played for both Hawick and Melrose last season, there are excellent opportunities for both clubs and players to make the most of the situation.

Gala, Melrose and Hawick all had representatives up at Murrayfield for the draw and one innovation this year is that the 12 clubs chose players from the pro team which is closest geographically to them.

So Edinburgh and Borders clubs picked from Edinburgh although there was an exception to this rule.

All first-year professionals were allowed to go back to their own clubs, which means Scott Wight has been assigned to Melrose.

Here’s the draft for the three Borders clubs.

Gala: Jack Gilding, Roddy Grant, Steven Turnbull, Nick De Luca, Chris Paterson.

Hawick: Andrew Turnbull, Sean Cox, John Houston, Geoff Cross, Greig Laidlaw.

Melrose: Scott Wight, Simon Webster, James King, Allan Jacobsen, Ross Ford.