South memories on view

A SHORT film, Memories of the South of Scotland, has just been released featuring rare footage of South of Scotland matches against Australia and New Zealand in 1979, 1984 and 1993.

The video, produced by Borders Rugby TV for the Bill McLaren Foundation, includes South legends Peter Dods, John Jeffrey and Bryan Redpath talking about their memories of playing for the team. Ian Barnes and coach John Gray also feature, with commentary by Bill McLaren.

There were 48 players from the South, including four survivors from the 1950s, at the South of Scotland reunion dinner recently and a special South of Scotland print, featuring Aussie legend David Campese, has been commissioned. It is limited to 50 copies worldwide, of which 10 will be auctioned for the Bill McLaren Foundation and 40 will be available to buy at £120 each.

What makes the print so special is that it will be signed by 50 to 60 South players from the past seven decades including many internationalists. It will be a rare piece of Borders rugby history and advance orders are now being taken by the Bill McLaren Foundation before its release in October.

It is expected to sell out in advance and raise well over £5,000 for the charity. Players such as Roy Laidlaw, John Rutherford, Jim Hay and Bryan Redpath can be seen in the film adding their signatures to the prints.

The 14 minute video can be seen at

To pre-order the South of Scotland limited edition signed print, contact John Thorburn, secretary, Bill McLaren Foundation on 07929 655132.