Selkirk resolve to stamp out mistakes as Dundee pay a visit

Darren Clapperton made a return to the Selkirk side against Melrose (picture by Grant Kinghorn)
Darren Clapperton made a return to the Selkirk side against Melrose (picture by Grant Kinghorn)

Selkirk RFC welcome Dundee HSFP as first foots to Philiphaugh tomorrow (Saturday) with a strong desire to get back into match practice.

Weather permitting, the first action of 2018 marks a return to the BT National League Division One campaign.

And, apart from the pre-Christmas drubbing by Melrose, it will be Selkirk’s first match since their early-December defeat by Jed-Forest.

The Souters had hoped to run up a respectable points tally at the Greenyards against all-conquering Melrose in their Booker Border League meeting – but it turned into a sad disappointment for Tom Ramage’s men as they failed completely to score, going down 49-0.

Ramage blamed the result on “mistakes” and said the game had been “a big eye-opener” for Selkirk.

“The whole club was up for a shot at the would-be champions but it just didn’t materialise,” he said. “Mistakes cost us four tries and, against Melrose, that’s nearly 30 points.

“We spun the ball around but Melrose have a really, really strong defence and they were double-hitting us.”

Selkirk would, however, approach Dundee HSFP with a similar mindset, added Ramage – keeping the ball in hand, spinning it around the field and looking to the agility of their pack.

Ewan MacDougall and Sean Nixon should be back and Ramage said: “I am looking forward to seeing them in the back row, taking charge of things.”

Melrose head coach Rob Chrystie conceded it had been pleasing to zero the Selkirk side and praised his team for its good defensive work.

However, president Douglas Hardie said: “In fairness to Selkirk, their score perhaps didn’t reflect the effort they put into it. They did put a lot of hard work into that game. Credit to them – they are a very stuffy side and they certainly tried their best.Perhaps they didn’t get the reward they deserved.

“At no time did we think we would lose, but not to get over the whitewash was probably more than a bit disappointing for them.”