Rugby reform is back on the cards in Hawick

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The first steps have been taken towards a major reform of rugby in Hawick with preliminary discussions between the town’s senior club and neighbouring YM.

The Greens have proposed a series of coordinated efforts between the two clubs, which could see them share resources, players, facilities and funding, with the overall aim of bringing the clubs closer together.

Rory Bannerman, Hawick club president, said: “Last season we began the connection with the YM, sharing training sessions and coaching, with the idea for the coming season being that we look to cement that relationship and build closer ties.

“At this stage in the discussions I am unable to provide any more information on the topic, but the proposals will be debated with the hope that all the teams in Hawick, not just ourselves and the YM, from school level through to senior rugby, work together in a unified direction.”

Hawick, YM, Wanderers, Harlequins and Linden all currently play in the senior leagues of Scotland, but with an estimated population of 15,000 in Hawick, nearly all the teams have experienced some degree of difficulty in player recruitment or development in the recent past.

Mr Bannerman suggested that proposals set to be discussed this week could see all the teams in Hawick, from junior level through to senior rugby, share resources with the overall aim of bringing the town’s clubs closer together and securing their future in Scottish rugby.

He told The Southern: “We are all hopeful that we can make the steps needed to bring the town’s rugby teams closer together for the greater good of Hawick rugby.”

Former Hawick YM president Brian Smail confirmed the discussions are ongoing.

He told us: “The only comment I can give is that we are having meetings with Hawick regarding this matter.

“We will reveal more once things have been finalised.”