Rugby conference provides food for thought

RUGBY representatives from all levels came together on Sunday to discuss current issues and how to move the game forward in the Borders.

And all in attendance agreed that, while there was no quick fix, working together and being proactive would benefit the sport in the region.

Border League Secretary John Thorburn told TheSouthern: “This was the first time we have actually held a Conference on the Game in the Borders and it was certainly worthwhile from the feedback we received afterwards.

“For me, to have referees, schools, youth clubs and adult clubs in the same room can only be positive and we will aim to progress some of the important points the delegates highlighted. Thanks to all who contributed.”

Topics covered at the conference were Adult Rugby/Volunteers (presented by Chris Budzynski), Referees (Scott Tomlinson), Fundraising/Sevens (David Mitchell), Women’s Rugby (Mike Bleasdale), Youth Rugby (Graham Marshall). All brought about lively debate with delegates agreeing that Youth Rugby in particular was a key area to look at.

In his keynote speech South Schools President David Changleng said: “Money is a big issue when you are looking to create opportunities.

“After listening to everyone today I am reminded that there are many good guys out there delivering good programmes and I have been heartened.

“Money is a barrier but what I would say is that the answers are out there and getting involved and pulling together can only help.”