Peebles find Fortress Riverside a tough nut to crack

Jed-Forest 26

Peebles 5


THE sun was shining at Riverside when both teams took to the field on a pitch cut for running rugby.

From the kick-off, Jed were pinned down in their 22 and Peebles were peppering the line with some good recycled possession, but 10 minutes of pressure failed to gain any points.

Indeed, it was Jed who started the scoring when Gregor Young latched onto a Darren Gillespie pass after a break from inside his half to score wide.

Peebles then defended for much of the remainder of the half until Ross Goodfellow scored on the 39th minute. Chris Laidlaw converted both to make the half-time score 14–0 in Jed’s favour.

Straight after the break, David Gobby killed the game for Peebles with an opportunistic try, which Laidlaw again converted.

The visitors then took the game to Jed, but the home side’s defence held firm and sure.

The Royal Blues scored in the 59th minute after the ball was passed from one side to the other, with Andrew Nagle taking a pass from off his toes before passing to Young, who scored in the corner.

Peebles were rewarded after some constant pressure with a try after a well-worked line-out move scored by Kenny Clyde.

Jed-Forest: E. Scott; G. Young, R. Hogg, K. Aitchison, D. Gobby; C. Laidlaw, Ross Goodfellow; D. Gillespie, D. Grieve, A. Nagle, N. Cook, M. Weekly, A. Croitouru, D. Grieve, R. Ferguson. Subs: S. Raeburn, A. Ions, S. Scott, I. Chisholm.

Peebles: N. McKay; M. Cruikshank, D. Clancy, D. Kilgour, C. Blyth; N. Warnock, D. Moore; A. Clark, M. Carryer, R. Milne, K. Kaindle, K. Clyde, A. Warnock, E. Jackson, D. Paton. Subs: D. Anderson, A. Brown, J. Forrester, G. Hogarth.