Marshall’s difficult decision

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z FORMER Selkirk coach Graham Marshall has revealed that he had to think long and hard before accepting an invitation to join Heriot’s for next season.

The assistant head at the local high school lost his job at Philiphaugh after a season in charge and did some serious considering before deciding to take up a post at Goldenacre.

Marshall said: “I was approached by Bob McKillop and Mark Appleson a few weeks ago to see if I was interested in coaching at Heriot’s.

“Initially, I thought it would involve too much travel time, but I agreed to meet them. They were very positive about the players and the club ethos during the meeting.

“In the end I feel it is a really good opportunity to get straight back into coaching with a club who are ambitious. I am hopeful that working in a different environment with players I don’t know will help me develop as a coach.”

Selkirk won their own sevens in May, but the club was relegated to Premiership 2 and lost the Border League final to Melrose.