Maroons ease past Maroons in friendly battle

Gala 39

Watsonians 0



from Netherdale

Gala eased comfortably through this non-competitive game, scoring six tries in pretty grim conditions.

The Edinburgh side were but a shadow of the teams who have had some good wins over Gala in recent seasons, and only once or twice did they look like getting over the home try line.

Gala took the opportunity of giving a run to several members of the squad who have been performing well elsewhere, with some big names missing.

Handling was never consistent in the poor conditions, but there was nothing wrong with Gala’s scores, and a couple at least were the products of some accurate distribution.

Bryce Turner and Lee Millar each turned the game with some hefty boots, not always with the wind backing them, and the threequarters were quick to take up the action with some good following-up.

There were some big drives from individual forwards, with David Marshall and Paul Stewart putting themselves about to some advantage.

The first half of the match was a bit scrappy, with Gala failing to impose themselves on Watsonians.

Occasional efforts to overcome the conditions produced an early penalty goal from Millar and a try from Lewis Roden, who came round the front of the line-out.

Watsonians gave Gala cause to ponder a bit with a couple of useful onslaughts through their pack, but their efforts fizzled out as the Maroons added a second try through Shaun Law after good work by Millar, who converted the score.

Alan Emond found bags of space as he cruised in for a try converted by Millar, and then Law started and finished the best move of the day with a massive cut through the middle and a try when the ball came back to him. Millar converted well.

Watsonians never gave up, but couldn’t raise their game in any phase, and Craig Keddie and Craig Robertson added late tries.

Watsonians never looked like matching Gala, except in the colour of the jerseys, which were far too similar in basic colours and which would surely never have been acceptable in a league match.

Gala: B. Turner; S. Law, C. Auld, A. Emond, G. Young; L. Millar, A. McLean; L. Bertram, L. Roden, P. Stewart, D. Marshall, C. Weir, C. Keddie, S. Cairns, T. Weir. Subs: E. McQuillin, C. Borthwick, M. Horsburgh, C. Robertson, C. Dods.