Magic Wands take their own 7s title

Winning hawick Wands A team
Winning hawick Wands A team
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SATURDAY saw the 4th round of the Semi-Junior 7’s series being played at the Volunteer Park, Hawick, the home of Hawick Wanderers.

The hosts triumphed beating Jed Thistle in the final 53-0. This means that Hawick are back on top of the SJ7’s series table.

The format was 12 teams in four groups and the semi-finalists were Selkirk Youth club who lost to Hawick Wands 41-5 and Hawick Wands B who lost to Jed 17-19.

So it was very nearly and all Hawick Wands final.


Pool 1: Selkirk YC 21 Duns 19; Selkirk YC 31 Hawick PSA 20; Duns 40 Hawick PSA 24.

Pool 2: Berwick Colts 14 Langholm Colts 22; Berwick Colts 12 Hawick Wands A 40; Langholm Colts 7 Hawick Wands A33.

Pool 3: Kelso Quins 22 Tynedale Colts 38; Kelso Quins 5 Hawick Wands B 24; Tynedale Colts 12 Hawick Wands B 49.

Pool 4: Jed-Thistle 37 Peebles Colts 7; Jed-Thistle 22 Gala Wands 14; Peebles Colts 10 Gala Wands 29.

Semi-Final: Selkirk YC 5 Hawick Wands A 41; Hawick Wands B 17 Jed Thistle 19.

Final: Hawick Wands A 53 Jed Thistle 0.