Linden hindered by lack of bodies

Helensburgh 53

Hawick Linden 3


ONCE again Linden hit the road with a weakened team – only 15 players were available.

Helensburgh, though not big, turned out to have a lively back line, but the Teries soon took the lead through a Gavin Stirling penalty after the home side were caught offside.

That was to be the last of the visitors’ scoring, however.

Helensburgh began to dominate and rattled in two tries in quick succession.

For their part, Linden put up a stout defence.

Michael Graham, who was once again having a fine game at stand-off, intercepted in his own half and was pulled just short of the try-line.

Terry Skeet and Steven Harkness had a couple of darts at the line but were repulsed in fine spell of Linden pressure, only for Helenburgh to break out and score.

With half-time approaching fast, Graham sustained what at first was thought to be a serious injury and play was halted for approximately half an hour for an ambulance to be called.

Thankfully, although Graham was taken to hospital, it was not as serious as first thought and after being detained overnight he was let out the following morning.

With Linden down to 14 men in the second half it was backs to the wall to try to keep score down.

Hawick Linden: S. Renwick; K. Murray, C. Mitchell, G. Stirling, G. Cunningham; M. Graham, S. Campbell; T. Skeet, S. Harkness, J. Tait, R. Scott, R. Stitt, K. Mabon, S. Duncan, W. Davies.