Let’s look forward, but not with blinkers

As a loyal supporter of the Scottish international rugby team for some 35 years or so, can I say how dismayed I was to read Stuart Cameron’s World Cup report in last week’s Southern Reporter.

I felt that this article was infantile, immature, and also far too typical of the lazy journalism we have been reading in the press following our exit from the competition, which was fully deserved.

It appears to me that we have not moved on much since the last World Cup. There were far too many basic unforced elementary schoolboy errors made by our team.

The inability to score tries and also a tendency to hit the panic button in pressure situations was evident.

These have been obvious shortcomings for a considerable time.

Stuart states that everyone involved can hold their heads up high.

This is patently not the case as we were far too unprofessional for our own good.

Frankly no amount of childish ‘parrot speak’ positive spin such as ‘looking forward to the Six Nations’, for example, will solve our inadequacies.

Let us look ahead by all means, but please be realistic, honest and face up to our failings as this is the only way forward for everyone involved.

We are truly sick of hearing tiresome hard luck stories. Change the record!

John Middlemass