Jed hold out against the wind at Laigh Bent

Hamilton 10

Jed-Forest 19


PLAYING at the Laigh Bent Bull Ring, Jed were up against the wind in the first half with a strong winter sun in their faces.

The elements didn’t appear to phase Ewan Scott, however, who notched the first points for the visitors through a penalty after some constant ruck infringements. A strong Jed scrum denied Hamilton a solid platform to work from and the return of captain Neil Cook from injury made a huge difference to the Jed line-out.

Despite winning lots of ball from the set-piece, though, the visitors were unable to score tries. Scott scored his second penalty after 20 minutes before Hamilton scored an opportunist try between the posts which was easily converted.

Scott notched a third penalty to edge his side back into the lead at the break. Half-time: Hamilton 7 Jed-Forest 9.

Just after the break, the home side gained good position and added a second penalty to regain the advantage.

Stalemate ensued for most of the second half until Scott kicked his fourth penalty with 10 minutes to go. He then scored a try and converted himself with five minutes left, to snuff out any hopes Hamilton had of a comeback.

Jed-Forest: J. Hogg; C. Gillon, R. Hogg, A. Nagle, D. Gobby; E. Scott, R. Goodfellow; A. Ions, D. Grieve, A. Croutoru, P. Hill, N. Cook, M. Weekley, D. Grieve, D. Gillespie. Subs: R. Miller, G. Taylor, G. Nagle, I. Chisholm.