Hornets set to fly

MELROSE HORNETS kick off their new season on Sunday when registration for all minis will start at 10am in the clubrooms.

Training for P1 to P7, boys and girls, will start at 10.45am – so please be booted up ready to go in plenty of time.

First timers who fancy having a go are welcome to come and join in for the first couple of weeks and see what they think. Any help from dads or mums who would like to get involved in some very gentle exercise on a Sunday morning would really be appreciated

Organisers look forward to seeing everybody at the Greenyards on Sunday and will be there to answer any questions about the format of the coaching, matches and offering advice on rugby kit and taking part.

For any further information, please contact Sarah Calder 01896 848710 or Simon Taylor 01835 824051.