Gala YM staging special gathering to mark 90 years

Past Gala YM captains at a 50th anniversary meeting in 1978.
Past Gala YM captains at a 50th anniversary meeting in 1978.

A special dinner is being held on Friday, May 25 in the Volunteer Hall, Galashiels, to herald the 90th anniversary of Gala YM RFC.

The 7pm event features a five-course meal, plus a host of speakers, headlined by Willie Allan MBE and ex Scotland rugby star Peter Wright, and the Player Awards for the 2017-18 season.

Tickets are available from Gala YM RFC from Thursday to Saturday and from Dewar & Partners, Galamoor House, Netherdale, Galashiels – all enquiries to

Gala YM originated from Gala Red Triangle semi junior team, sometimes known as YMCA, as their club symbols were very similar.

A group of players who were to old to play at that level decided in 1928 to start a new club, which was named Gala YM. The first time the team took to the field was during a visit to Haddington 7s on September 29 that year, which proved successful, with the newly-formed club winning the tournament. The YM won its first Border Junior League in 1931.

During WW2, the YM played as Gala Juniors along side players from Gala A and the now folded Gala Star. In 1946, the YM resumed playing as a stand-alone team.

The first YM dinner was held in The Clovenfords Hotel in 1948 – and resulted in six members of the club spending the night in the jail “under the clock” for various offences, including swinging on lampposts.

In 1960, Gala YM, captained by current fixture secretary Joe Dickson, recorded a record scoreline of 103-3 against Newcastle Northern Gypsies.

The current clubrooms opened in Roxburgh Street in 1979 and are still going strong today. The YM won the league in 1983 and again the following season, on both occasions doing so unbeaten.

Gala YM expanded in the 1980s to three teams, icluding YM Gypises and the JOhon Wests. But But as the in hlater years, the deman on players saw them shrink to one team, participating in East Division 2, where they still play to this day.