Gala season for Craig and Lee as they pile on the points for Maroons

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LAST month we took a look at the Borders Rugby Rankings for the seven Borders Premiership teams who had each played 18 matches in the Premiership at either Premier One or Two level, writes Stuart Cameron.

Because the clubs played the same number of games as each other in the season at their own level, the system worked well.

Today, we are adding into the mix Border League and Cup matches and, as a result, each club’s data is lopsided, so direct comparison with players from different clubs is not fair.

However, it gives us the opportunity to see what players topped their own club’s rankings lists using data from competitive games only.

The full list is available on the Borders Rugby TV website at by clicking on the Rankings page, but here are the top five points and try scorers from each of the seven local premiership clubs.

The player with the most tries from all clubs is Craig Robertson who touched down for Gala 15 times this season, while his team-mate Lee Millar scored an impressive 254 points – just one more than Melrose’s Andrew Skeen.

Top Try Scorers


12: Allan Dodds, Fraser Thomson

8: Andrew Skeen

7: Bruce Colvine, Joe Helps


15: Craig Robertson

11: George Graham

9: Opeta Palepoi

8: Gavin Young, Alan Emond


8: Rory Sutherland, Keith Davies

7: Steven Anderson

6: Rory Hutton, Neil Renwick


13: David Gobby

12: Gregor Young

10: Darren Gillespie

8: Lewis Young

7: Ross Goodfellow


11: Gregg Minto

10: Richard Minto

6: Mark Chester, Stuart Lowrie

4: Frank Robson


13: Fraser Harkness

7: Darren Clapperton

6: Andrew Renwick, Peter Mirrielees

4: Scott Hendrie, Callum Marshall


5: Donald Anderson

4: Neil Hogarth, Neil Warnock

3: Alan Warnock, Dale Clancy

Top Points Scorers


253: Andrew Skeen

60: Allan Dodds, Fraser Thomson

58: Scott Wight

35: Bruce Colvine, Joe Helps


254: Lee Millar

75: Craig Robertson

62: Andy Mclean

55: George Graham

45: Opeta Palepoi


132: Neil Renwick

105: Lee Armstrong

40: Keith Davies, Rory Sutherland

35: Steven Anderson, Rory Hutton


83: Ewan Scott

79: Chris Laidlaw

65: David Gobby

60: Gregor Young

50: Darren Gillespie


85: Greg Ponton

63: Kieran Wilkinson

62: Mark Chester

55: Gregg Minto

50: Richard Minto


196: David Cassidy

65: Fraser Harkness

51: Michael McVie

35: Darren Clapperton

30: Andrew Renwick, Peter Mirrielees


109: Neil Warnock

34: Donald Anderson

30: Greg Raeburn

20: Neil Hogarth

15: Alan Warnock