Gala look forward to five-star event

Four pools of three teams will compete this year’s Five Star Taxis Gala Sevens on Saturday, April 6.

Pool A (Melrose, Watsonians, Edinburgh Accies); Pool B (Gala, Kelso, Currie); Pool C (Selkirk, Hawick, Jed-Forest); Pool D (Peebles, Heriot’s, Edinburgh Rugby).

First tie 3.30pm: Melrose v Watsonians; Gala v Currie; Jed-Forest v Selkirk; Edinburgh Rugby v Heriot’s; Melrose v Edinburgh Accies; Gala v Kelso; Jed-Forest v Hawick; Edinburgh Rugby v Peebles; Watsonians v Edinburgh Accies; Currie v Kelso; Selkirk v Hawick; Heriot’s v Peebles.