Bruce heads to Bath for more sevens action

Bruce Colvine, pictured at a previous tournament.
Bruce Colvine, pictured at a previous tournament.

Melrose stalwart Bruce Colvine, who captains the Greenyards side in Saturday’s (August 5) Peebles Sevens, turned out recently for the Blue Bulldogs in the Secure Trading 24/Sevens national finals.

The 26-year-old said he was delighted with the chance to show off his talents in the shortened game once more.

Bruce was taking part in a competition which saw some of the best regional rugby sevens players battle it out at The Rec, home to Premiership Rugby side Bath.

The Bulldogs progressed impressively through the group stages before being knocked out by the Honey Badgers in the final four at the iconic stadium.

But, despite not winning the competition, Bruce was thrilled to get the chance to run out on the hallowed Rec turf.

He said: “We have really enjoyed it, it has been a real eye opener.

“It’s a beautiful venue and a picturesque setting. Getting to play on the main pitch at the Rec has been an unbelievable experience.

“We’re a good team and we’ve played some tough games – we hoped to win, but we take away all the positives of the tournament nonetheless.”

He added: “The standard has been really high. We’re into our pre-season with our home clubs but it’s been very full-on and it’s great to play in.”

Hailing from the birthplace of sevens rugby, Bruce admitted he loved any opportunity he got to take part in a sevens competition.

He added: “It’s a fantastic tournament to be a part of and a great sport. You get to travel to a lot of places and, ultimately, transfer your skills into the XVs.

“You get more time on the ball to express yourself a bit more than in the XVs, I think. The pace of it, as well, is relentless.

“Being a Melrose boy and coming from where it’s invented as well is brilliant. It has a real piece of my heart devoted to it and I really enjoy playing it.”

Secure Trading 24/Sevens is a grassroots sevens competition run by England Rugby. For more information on it, and ways to get involved in rugby sevens, go to