Banks to the fore as Selkirk begin Border League bid

Selkirk 19 Gala 10


It was the Rory Banks show on Tuesday night when Selkirk picked up their season and made a late bid to hold on to their Border League title.

The young stand-off collected all the Selkirk points to leave them with a crowded programme of games but with the hope that they can yet reach the postponed final against Melrose.

It took Selkirk fifteen minutes to get into the Gala half, a period during which Craig Dods kicked a penalty goal.

Selkirk’s first chance of a try came through an intrusion by Ciaran Beattie who lost the ball on the line, and Gala’s from Gavin Young, stopped on the touchline.

Selkirk began to look more confident just before and after the break, and Banks kicked a good penalty from the ten metre line. But when Gala began to swing the ball about the stand-off intercepted and raced away for a try which he personally converted.

Gala realised the dificulties they were facing and Bruce Dick threw off a fairly aggressive tackle to score at the posts, Dods converting.

But it was downhill all the way for Gala thereafter, Banks kicking three penalties, one of them when Craig Hogg was yellow carded, and then it was over to the fixtures department to seek dates for the games now to be played.

Selkirk: C. Beattie; N.Godsmark, R. Nixon, C. MacDougall, J.Hendrie; R. Banks, M. McVie; R. Taylor, S. Forrest, M. Weller, R. Aglen, S. Willett, R. Crockatt, N. Darling, A. Renwick. Subs.R. Godsmark, M. Murray, M. Martin, C. Marshall.

Gala: C. Dods; G. Young, L.Kibble, E. Dods, F. Hunter; B. Dick, George Graham; L.Pettie, E. McQuillan, C.Hogg, O.Palepoi, D. Marshall, G.Haurua, Gary Graham, T. Weir. Subs S. Cairns, G. Campbell, L. Roden, D. Hughes, S.Law.