Gala runners in good form at mile-long challenge

The latest Virtual Challenge organised by Scottish Athletics featured a 1-Mile Time Trial over the weekend of May 8-11.

Plenty of enthusiasm for the one-mile test.
Plenty of enthusiasm for the one-mile test.

All runs were completed according to current guidelines and were required to feature no net elevation loss, to ensure as fair a comparison between runners as possible.

Gala Harriers were out in force again for this challenge, with 39 members of the Green Machine, from U13 to Masters age groups, taking on the one-mile distance.

All athletes went after the challenge with the usual Gala grit and there were some stand-out times posted.

Congratulations went to all athletes taking part – however, special kudos were garnered by the following Harriers for finishing in the top 10 of the country rankings for their age group:

Callum Tharme (4:34 mins, eighth U20 Men), Ewan Christie (4:46, fifth U15 Boys), Kirstin Maxwell (5:34, 10th SeniorWomen), Ian Maxwell (5:53, fifth M60), Felix Otton (6:01, 10th M60), Julia Johnstone (6:03, sixthW45), Lindsay Dun (6:33, seventh W50), Eileen Maxwell (6:44, third W55), Carole Fortune (6:46,fourth W55), Jocelyn Richard (7:12, second W60).

In the team events, there was a great performance from the U13 Boys team of Zi co Field (5:37), Ross Christie (5:44), Matty Fleming (5:58) and Alex Playfair (6:24)) to finish second team overall.

The Men’s ‘A’ team of Callum Tharme (4:34), Marcus D’Agrosa (4:51), Ewan Christie (4:56) and Gary Trewartha (4:59) was ninth out of 145, with the Masters Men’s ‘A’ team of Gary Trewartha (4:59), Colin Brown (5:38), Simon Adamson (5:40) and Neil Christie (5:42) placing 14th out of 63.

The Women’s ‘A’ team of Kirstin Maxwell (5:34), Julia Johnstone (6:03), Lindsay Dun (6:33) and Erin Gray (6:37) was 17th team out of 89, with the Masters Women’s ‘A’ team of Julia Johnstone (6:03), Lindsay Dun (6:33), Eileen Maxwell (6:44) and Carole Fortune (6:46) placing an excellent fourth out of 29 teams.

Over the same weekend, Gala Harriers organised an internal 0.5 mile time-trial challenge for athletes in the U11 age group. Again, there was a great response.

Full results for the Gala Harriers athletes showing times for the one-mile distance (see report above left):

4:34 Callum Tharme U20M, 4:51 Marcus D’Agrosa SM, 4:56 Ewan Christie U15B, 4:59 Gary Trewartha M40, 5:29 Cameron Rankine U15B, 5:34 Kirstin Maxwell SW, 5:37 Zico Field U13B, 5:38 Colin Brown M40, 5:40 Simon Adamson M40, 5:42 Neil Christie M50.

5:44 Ross Christie U13B, 5:52 Tim Darlow M40, 5:53 Ian Maxwell M60, 5:58 Matty Fleming U13B, 6:01 Felix Otton M60, 6:03 Julia Johnstone W45, 6:04 Iain Buckley SM, 6:24 Alex Playfair U13B, 6:29 Rory Antrobus U13B, 6:30 David Nightingale M60.

6:33 Lindsay Dun W50, 6:37 Erin Gray U13G, 6:38 Anthony Lunn M50, 6:44 Michelle Short SW, 6:44 Eileen Maxwell W55, 6:46 Carole Fortune W55, 6:47 Lisa Dalgleish W45, 6:47 Pamela Baillie W45, 6:52 Morgan Fairclough U13B, 6:53 David Paterson M45.

6:53 Jessica Hendry U13G, 6:59 Rachel McAleese W35, 7:12 Jocelyn Richard W60, 7:23 Gillian Duncan W45, 7:37 Poppy Lunn U13G, 8:02 Eileen Nicol W50, 9:02 Charlotte Hendry W40, 12:29 Iain Haldane U13B, 19:58 Karen Haldane W50.

Results of the Gala Harriers Virtual 0.5-Mile Time Trial for U11s:

Archie Dalgleish (2:54 mins), Elise Field (3:11), Kirsty Rankine (3:14), Charlie Dalgleish (3:16), Daniel Antrobus (3:26), Archie Gray (3:38), Seb Darlow (3:44), Fletcher Green (3:44), Annabelle Hendry (3:45), Thea Fraser (3:53), Olivia Lunn (4:02), Leah Murdoch (4:04), Finn Bayne (4:12), Molly Trewartha (4:52), Hamish Trewartha (6:41).