Points make prizes for sporty kids

BORDERS primary school children will have the chance to join in a national Olympic event straight after the new year celebrations.

To mark the year of the London Olympics, Active Schools have created a project that encourages young people to get active and enjoy a range of Olympic sports.

All P4-P7 pupils will receive an Olympic Passport and will be encouraged to try as many sporting events as possible between January 1 and August 12, 2012. Pupils will be asked to present their passport at sessions for coaches to sign and will be rewarded as they take part in more sports.

The 2012 Olympic Passport project is now good to go. Passports have been delivered and will be distributed to all P4-7 pupils in the first week and a half back in January.

Olympic Sports will be listed in the passport with a space for children to get each sport signed off when they try it. Each sport is allocated points based on ease of access (target sports have less points than disciplines such as fencing/beach volleyball etc.). Children accumulate points between Jan 1 and the closing ceremony in August and will then be presented with gold, silver, or bronze medals depending on points.

Sports must be accessed extra curricularly, preferably at community clubs, Sports Development and Active Schools.PE activity in the curriculum is welcome, but cannot be signed off. But PE staff may run some extra curricular activity which can be counted.

Assistant Active Schools manager Graeme Murdoch explained: “The whole point is that kids try different activities and maybe get hooked into a new activity within the community.

“Local facilities are all on board and will be running sessions in swimming/water polo/diving etc.

Obviously, there are some sports with not much pathway (beach volleyball/volleyball etc). But Active Schools will still look to put some of these sessions on as taster sessions and create a bit of a buzz around the Olympics.”

Sessions and current opportunities will be advertised through schools, websites, facebook pages and press.