Vissing confirms snapped ligaments in knee

Claus Vissing at the Berwick Bandits press and practise night
Claus Vissing at the Berwick Bandits press and practise night

Following his high-speed crash at Shielfield last Saturday, Berwick’s Claus Vissing has confirmed that he has snapped the ligaments in his right knee.

“It is not good news,” the Dane said in a message to fans posted through the club this week.

Vissing says he now expects to wear a brace for the next six weeks before any further assessment can be made and before he can even contemplate a racing return.

He says he will also need to have an operation, but the chances are he will wait until the end of the season.

Vissing was originally treated in hospital in Edinburgh before flying home to Denmark.

After the initial swelling went down he had an MRI scan when the injury was confirmed.

In a message to fans he said: “I got the MRI scan and I’ve snapped ligaments in my right knee, so not the best news!

“I’ve already got a knee brace so I can bend the knee and start to move it slowly! I will have to wear this for at least six weeks and then they will see me again, and decide if it will be strong enough to let me can resume racing.

“Be assured, I will do my best and fight hard to be back again, just as soon as I can.

“I will need an operation, but would wait until the end of the season.”

A statement from the club said: “This is probably about as good a report as we could have hoped for.

“As Claus’ injuries progress, we will continue to keep fans informed and of course we wish him well in his recovery.”

* Two as yet unnamed Berwick fans are to receive a behind the scenes guided tour at the British GP, which is being held in Cardiff on July 4.

The lucky VIP Club members will be acknowledged for their help in sustaining and supporting speedway at Shielfield.

Part of the tour will include a pre-meeting visit to the pits area at the Millennium Stadium.