University double keeps Fjordhus top of the class

Maris Cawthorn in action against St Andrews University
Maris Cawthorn in action against St Andrews University

Uni of St Andrews6

Fjordhus Reivers2

Playing their second game in an action- packed weekend, Fjordhus Ladies 1st XI travelled to sunny St Andrews on Sunday to play the home town’s university team.

From the off, Fjordhus applied maximum pressure and after the first few minutes won a penalty corner which resulted in the first goal of the game coming from coach Janet Jack with a dummy and shot at goal.

Wave after wave of attack and incredible discipline in structure saw Fjordhus take control of the game.

Fantastic play from Morven Cawthorn and Denise Fairburn saw the pair weave their way up the right hand side before chucking the ball on to Leia MacKinnon, whose unbelievable pace drove the Borderers into the circle for another corner. MacKinnon herself netted the ball with a drag-flick into the top left corner.

A one hundred per cent workrate from the whole team ensured Fjordhus’ dominance and provided them with four more goals to jot down on the teamsheet, two coming from the lightning-footed Laura McLean.

Another goal came from youngster Iona Kellet who worked with MclLan along the base line before slipping the ball past the keeper.

The final goal came from Sarah Mathers, whose silky skills proved too quick for the home side’s defence, allowing her to tap the ball home.

The University continued to fight and found the net twice from slip-ups in the Fjordhus defensive set up, but the Borders ladies showed excellent discipline in their structure and all stuck to their tasks.

Coach Jack’s word for the game was “aggression”, which all players showed.

“Workrate and determination won the game,” she added.

Uni of Dundee0

Fjordhus Reivers2

The previous day the Reivers played Dundee University and got off to a strong start when Morven Cawthorn blasted the ball at the backboard in the opening minutes.

The tension of the game was amplified and relations on the pitch became strained, but despite increased pressure from their hosts, the Reivers were able to hold out and maintain their 1-0 lead at half-time.

The second half was equally close, both teams putting pressure on the opposition’s defence. Laura McLean sped up the pitch, skinning Dundee’s defence to finish in style with a deflection on the back post.

The Reivers managed to hold on for a 2-0 victory.