The daddy of all coaches

Che Campbell with daughters Amy (left) and Nicole
Che Campbell with daughters Amy (left) and Nicole

Earlston Rugby Club is the venue for the opening meeting of the summer-long Border Games circuit this Saturday.

The various local running schools have been training hard for the new season and making its debut at Earlston Games is a brand new stable named Hawick Sprint Club.

Formed a few months ago by coach Che Campbell, Hawick Sprint Club has been hitting the fast lane through its streamlined fresh training methods.

Campbell told The Southern: “The club is all about putting old school values and modern training techniques together.

“I think this is a good combination. Although training is hard, it’s done in a relaxed atmosphere and because of this, runners can keep fit as well as enjoy themselves”.

The club is also something of a family affair, as two of its members are Che’s young daughters, Nicole and Amy.

Campbell told us: “Nicole and Amy get no favours from me. Indeed, if anything, in the nicest possible way I am probably harder on them than the other runners in the club. They get no special attention, that’s for sure, and that’s the way it always will be. The pair of them do train hard and I am always there to help them, it’s the same for everybody who runs for us”.

Fifteen-year-old Nicole, a past winner of events at Kelso and St Ronan’s, said: “Dad doesn’t let Amy and me get away with anything and he makes sure we train hard.

“He is very fair though as he treats everyone the same and is a good coach. It’s a good club.

“All of the runners know each other and get on well. Everybody helps each other at training and that is great. All of us are looking forward to the season and we are hoping we get some wins”.

Named ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ because of her small stature and explosive running, 13-year-old Amy, who gave a five-star show when winning the Youths’ New Year Sprint handicap at Musselburgh in January, said of her coaching father: “When we are home my sister and I call him Dad.

“At training, though, we don’t do this as he is our coach and I think that is a bit weird. We both enjoy training, but we have to do what we are told by our Dad/Coach”.

Amy, who has twice chalked up wins at Earlston Games as well as triumphing at Morebattle and Hawick, added: “Because I won at the New Year I am expecting to have my mark pulled back. But I will be trying really hard to get some more wins”.

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