Teri siblings go to extremes

Hawick brothers Kenny and Allister Short rose to the challenge of this year’s Celtman extreme triathlon in the Highlands.

The event, held at Torridon Village, Wester Ross, comprised a 3.5km swim in an ice-cold loch, an arduous 202km bike ride and a 42k run over mountain ridges.

Talking of their Highlands’ experience, Kenny said: “The Celtman has been going for four years now and is a step above an Ironman as it’s much harder.

“Allister and myself firstly swam in Loch Shieldaig, which apart from being deep and freezing cold, had jellyfish in it. We then did the bike ride, which was followed by a marathon over two Munros.

“There is a cut-off time of 11 hours after starting the swim and if you miss this there is a lower-level route. About two-thirds of those taking part end up doing the lower route.

“You must have a support crew and a support runner for the second part of the run course. Alistair Young was my brother Allister’s and I had Micky Lyons.”

Explaining how he got involved in the sport, Kenny said: “Allister was my inspiration. He did an Ironman in Switzerland and that started me off. Since then we’ve been to an Ironman in Germany as well as the Scottish Coast to Coast and the Irish Coast to Coast. We just love doing it.”

There is much more to triathlons of this high standard than competing in them, though.

“A lot of preparation has to be done,” explained Kenny, It’s hard work, but training is the key. That’s what it’s all about. You have to push yourself all the time.

“Allister and I are very competitive and there’s always a good rivalry between us when we are involved in something together. And that’s the way it was in the last Celtman! Allister ended up being the better and just pipped me.”

Kenny and Allister both posted highly-creditable times with 15 hours 40 minutes and 14:59 respectively.