Tennis enthusiasts get the advantage of Judy Murray’s expertise at Kelso

Judy Murray and Kris Soutar with a group of the young Kelso participants (picture by Bill McBurnie)
Judy Murray and Kris Soutar with a group of the young Kelso participants (picture by Bill McBurnie)

Kelso Orchard Tennis Club hosted Tennis On The Road’s Judy Murray and Kris Soutar for an amazing, action-packed eight-hour day of tennis tips.

The weather was great for all groups – with a storm arriving only after the last photograph was taken on court, five minutes after the end of the session.

In the morning, 25 coaches, teachers, club volunteers and young leaders took part in fun relays and skill building stations to learn how to run summer camps for juniors.

This was great fun (the water balloons being a highlight) with 16 juniors coming along halfway through for the coaches to see the games and skill building activities in action.

In the afternoon there was a team competition, with 25 youngsters from around the Borders taking part, including Kelso, Hawick, Earlston, St Boswells and Peebles.

This took the format of Jamie Murray Doubles, which involved doubles matches with a twist and skill building stations, where the teams could all earn lots of points.

It was a awesome event, which all the juniors enjoyed, and the adult team captains who were on court to help.

After a short break, 64 participants took part in the afternoon session.

This was made up of 32 mums and daughters and 32 parents and children.

Judy and Kris took them through various skill-building exercises and relay races, all of which can be done at home to develop a child’s co-ordination and tennis skills.

The parents had great fun and learned lots of new games and activities to play with their children at home.

Throughout the day, club coaches Lesley Thomas and Kate Bull were on hand to help Judy and Kris and those taking part.

Club members provided refreshments and cake throughout the day, and extended thanks to everyone who made the day such a huge success.