Swimming - Braw gathering at Gala pool

Burgh Primary School with the Douglas Brown Trophy
Burgh Primary School with the Douglas Brown Trophy

The Annual Braw Lads Swimming Gala was held at the Galashiels Swimming Pool where a large and vocal crowd welcomed the Braw Lad, Braw Lass and their attendants before the event got underway.

A slight delay in proceedings added to the tension before the event got started and everyone was treated to a great evening of swimming across all age groups culminating in the mixed aged group Braw Lads Relay Race which went down to the wire.

The medal ceremony was conducted by the Braw Lass who in turn was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the youngest swimmer on the night.

The Braw Lads Committee would like to thank the Trophy Guy for supplying the medals and the Galashiels and Langlee Community Council for the flower bouquets. The Gala Swimming Club would also like to thank all the volunteers and BSLT Staff who ensured the evening ran smoothly.

Girls 8 Years: 1, S. Hume; 2, Lacey Ford; 3, Miya McLean.

Boys 8 Years: 1, Rowan Chalmers; 2, Frank Rogerson; 3, Gregor Paton.

Girls 9 Years: 1, Lucy D’Agrosa; 2, Isla Patterson; 3, Millie Robinson.

Boys 9 Years: 1, Samuel Lindores; 2, Matthew Lindores; 3, Finlay Thomson.

Girls 10 Years: 1, Anna D’Agrosa; 2, Tiana Palepoi.

Boys 10 Years: 1, Ciaran Corcoran; 2, Kerr Johnston; 3, Sam Shepherd.

Girls 11 Years: 1, Laura Frizzel; 2, Emma Templeton; 3, Ellie Glendinning.

Boys 11 Years: 1, Gregor Collins; 2, Jack McDonald; 3, Michal Budney.

Girls 12 Years: 1, Emily Mitchel; 2, Aimee Goodship.

Boys 12 Years: 1, Ryan Goudie; 2, Jake Shepherd; 3, Harry Chisolm.

Girls 13/14 Years: 1, Sarah Frizzel; 2, Courtney Stewart; 3, Maili Brown.

Boys 13/14 Years: 1, Andrew Watt.

Braw Lads Relay: 1, Lucy D’Agrosa, Sam Shepherd, Emma Templeton, Ryan Goudie; 2, Millie Robinson, Ciaran Corcoran, Ellie Glendinning, Andrew Watt; 3, Matthew Lindores, Tiana Palepoi, Gregor Collins, Maili Brown.

Douglas Brown Schools Trophy: 1, Burgh; 2, Clovenfords; 3, St Peters.