Riders gear up for new season with Berwick Bandits

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Anders Mellgren is gearing up for his first full season with Berwick Speedway by practising on frozen lakes back home in Sweden.

The 24 year-old, who joined the club for the final month of the 2015 campaign, said: “I want to thank everyone at Berwick for having faith in me.

“I’m starting to get to know some of the people in the organisation, and the supporters, they are all so friendly,

“I think it will do me good to ride for the Bandits, and improve my racing.”

Mellgren joins Bandits on a very handy 5.57 average, and is expected to be a key member of the team this summer.

Meanwhile, one of Berwick’s new recruits, Theo Pijper, can’t wait to get in some practice as he prepares for his second spell with the Border outfit.

“I’m really up for it! “ he said. “It’s been a fast winter, but I can’t wait to get started. I have everything (and I mean every single part of the bike) brand spanking new for this season so I hope the investment pays off!”

“I collected the frames last week from TrakPlus at Bolton and my father will bring the rest of the new stuff over from Holland next week so I can start building them up, then get a practice - I can’t wait to have a skid!

“I’m delighted to be back at Berwick. I’ve always felt so very welcome at Shielfield and being happy in your surroundings is a huge part of doing your job right”.

“To answer a lot of very welcome messages from fans, I can tell everybody that baby Bonnie Dee (who was taken ill just before Christmas) is now a lot better, although we have had a few hospital visits for check-ups and it is going to be a slow process to be completely clear, maybe some months yet.

“Actually, it is because we were so wrapped up with Bonnie Dee being ill that I haven’t had a chance to talk to people about local sponsorship from Bandits’ followers. For maybe the first time in my career I’m going into the season without a sponsor. But the baby’s wellbeing came first, of course.”

Berwick will start their season with away and home fixtures against Redcar in the Tees-Tweed Trophy on the nights of March 24 and 26.

This will be followed by two Border Trophy challenge clashes against Workington on April 2 (home) and April 3 (away), before the first League Cup fixture at Edinburgh on April 8.