Reivers improve to draw with students

Fjordhus Reivers 2s 1

Edinburgh Uni 6s 1

As the enthralling first encounter between these two sides saw Reivers coming back from 3-0 down to clinch the game 4-3 in the dying seconds, all of the players knew this was going to be a challenging first match back after the Christmas break.

The opening 10 minutes was scrappy, with both teams giving away possession and struggling to settle into a controlled rhythm.

The visitors were the first to combine fluid movement with connective passing, which found Reivers chasing the ball on several occasions.

The University side took advantage of Reivers’ lack of shape and was soon rewarded with a goal as they found a player free on the back post.

Reivers slowly began to work as a unit through the lines with more consistent linking play between defence, midfield and the forwards.

Lauren Grant spread the ball out to the wing players of Tara Aitchison and Kirsty Sharkey, who were able to move across the pitch and feed the strike force of Lara Patterson, Ashley Robson, Imogen Johnstone-Jones and Sara Robson.

The movement on and off the ball, combined with excellent individual skills, allowed Patterson to exploit the space up the right channel of the pitch on more than one occasion, but the half-time whistle blew with no addition to the score. Reivers continued to improve their passing and movement throughout the second half, however, all too often over-committing and allowing the visitors to find too much space in the middle of the pitch.

Jade Tyerman was in outstanding form playing deep centre midfield, where she channeled, tackled and distributed the ball tirelessly throughout the match.

Reivers levelled the score with a well-worked goal, which started from Patterson, who fed the ball to Ashley Robson and created an overload against the goalkeeper.

She engaged the keeper, moving her from her line, and passed the ball to Sara Robson on the back post to slot the ball home. Both teams were unfortunate not to add to the scoreline with numerous chances missing that final touch.

Going forward, the team must build on this performance with increased composure, fitness and decision making to ensure further development.