Rap-loving septuagenarian smashes her personal best in Scottish Half Marathon

Liz Lyle proudly displays her medal.
Liz Lyle proudly displays her medal.

A woman from Kirk Yetholm shaved around 10 minutes off her personal best, finishing Sunday’s Scottish Half Marathon in East Lothian in just over two hours and six minutes ... aged 72.

Former personal assistant at NHS Borders, Liz Lisle, also finished top of her over-70s females category, and was third in the over-70s overall.

She has only recently got back into running, as well, after suffering from knee problems.

She told us: “I started running in my late 30s, mostly 10ks, but the problems with my knees meant I had to give it up and take on aerobics and spin. But when I was working at the hospital in my mid-60s, a group of us did a 10k for charity, and I got back into it.

“I live in a beautiful part of the country, and it’s lovely to get outdoors. And when you get older it gets more and more important to keep active and stay fit.”

Both of her sons, Martin and Chris, stay in Edinburgh, but Martin helped prepare her for the big race, by putting together a music playlist.

She said: “It’s probably not what people would suspect ... it’s all high-tempo stuff, mostly rap.”

Martin told us: “I was joking with her, saying she should get on Instagram and become an “Influencer” and positive role model for others. She wasn’t so keen on that idea, but she did say that she’d really like to try and help do her bit to inspire others.

“Having run a few fun-run 10k events with friends in her younger days, she didn’t really run at all until taking it up in recent years.

“Now she’ll run up to 4 or 5 times a week – up to 11 miles in one go – but she’s built up to that slowly. She just sticks her earphones in and off she goes.”