Quest to let Borders children play tennis

A group of the young tennis players.
A group of the young tennis players.

Tennis Borders concluded a winter of fun competitions for children aged nine and under with a primary schools’ team and an individual tournament over the weekend.

Both events took place indoors at Earlston High School, with the school competition running last Friday and the individual event on the Sunday.

The magic number proved to be 17, with entries reaching that number of teams, and the same number of players getting involved for the Sunday.

After lots of excellent tennis, Kingsland Primary were the winners of the boys’ and mixed events, with Earlston Primary taking the girls’ title.

In the individual event, Flo Kirkpatrick (Peebles) was the girls’ winner and Cullen Sutherland (Hawick) became the boys’ champion.

Jonny Adamson, Borders District coach, said:‘Since the beginning of December, we have met 100 kids aged nine and under from across the region, whether it has been through open days, team competitions or individual events.

“We are now starting to support these players with more opportunities in line with their club or Active School programme, offering a full range of tennis activity.

“Well done to everyone who has taken part over the most recent weekend and to all of the parents and coaches, who took the time to support and help out. It makes a huge difference.

“We’re all now hoping for great weather during the spring and summer so that we can keep the ball rolling with more outdoor events to come.”