Profiling Borders ASP Athletes

Rhona Gowans, hockey player
Rhona Gowans, hockey player

Your best moment in sport so far:

Scoring against East District in the 2013 Under-16s Inter-districts.

Athlete Support Programme logo

Athlete Support Programme logo

Aims for the next 12 months:

To achieve selection for games against England, Ireland, Wales and the Youth Cup in Holland for Scotland Under 16s.

Who in your sport has inspired you most and why?

Sarah Robertson, because she is also from the Borders and shows that South girls can make it all the way to the GB team.

Favoutite sporting moment of all time as a spectator:

When Australia women scored to equalise 1-1 with England in the last 20 seconds of the Commonwealth Games final, sending it to penalties.

Best thing about your sport:

As a team sport it is where I have met all my closest friends and the team atmosphere.

What do you do to “tune-in” immediately before a competition?

Doing my hair into different braids, it’s sort of like a pre-match ritual.

If you had the chance to change one thing in your sport, what?

TV coverage is a little poor so possibly that.

Venue at which you most aspire to compete:

Rabobank, Hauge, where the 2014 Hockey World Cup was played.

If not in this sport, would like to compete in:

Athletics or football.

Current most-played song or track on your i-pod or MP3:

Bare Necessities.

... but can’t stand: Cheryl Cole music gets under my skin.

Other interests away from my sport:

Sleeping a lot! Meeting my friends, watching films (mostly Disney).