Profiling Borders’ ASP athletes

Jordan Charters
Jordan Charters

Best moment in sport so far:

The day I won the Scottish U20 long jump title for the first time, was a life changing moment in my sporting career to switch me from a sprinter to a long jumper.

Athlete Support Programme logo

Athlete Support Programme logo

Aims for the next 12 months:

To get a medal at the Scottish National Senior Championships to help kick start my first year as a senior.

Who in your sport has inspired you most and why?:

Carl Lewis. I love watching videos of him because he was such a fantastic runner, long jumper and technician but also had a bit of character which made him even more enjoyable to watch.

Fav sporting moment of all time as a spectator:

2008 Olympic 100m final when Usain Bolt broke the world record and won gold for the first time. I was simply lost for words as to how he was able to celebrate in such a major event and break the world record before the race had even finished.

Best thing about your sport:

I love how basic athletics is, for example, who can run the fastest, jump the highest, jump the furthest. I also like how you can’t hide your performances, they are there for everyone to see!

What do you do to “tune-in” immediately before a competition:

I like to be by myself with my music, having a walk around to take in the atmosphere.

If you had the chance to change one thing in your sport, what would it be?:

I would love to change the amount of publicity athletics gets as a whole. There is simply not enough to portray the amount of hard work and effort that goes behind some magnificent achievements of athletes, not just around the world but in Scotland too (Southern Reporter excepted of course!).

Venue at which you most aspire to compete:

I would love to compete at Gold Coast in Australia for the next Commonwealth Games in 2018.

If not in this sport, would like to compete in:

I would have to go back to my roots and play rugby again.

Current most played song on your i-pod or MP3:

Mumford and Sons - I will wait.

……but can’t stand:

Cheryl - I don’t care.

Other interests away from my sport:

Love nothing more than playing guitar, massive music fan.

Fantasy away day (all-expenses paid):

My dream day would be going to see Mumford and Sons live again, this time VIP and going back stage to meet them and maybe have a jam ourselves.