Price is right as Decca trains for next fight

Bare knuckle fighter Decca Heggie
Bare knuckle fighter Decca Heggie

Decca “The Machine” Heggie, Hawick’s adopted bare-knuckle boxer, has been preparing vigorously for his next fight.

Weighing in at over 17 stone, Heggie, who travels by bus from his Carlisle home four days a week to train in Hawick’s Thinkfitness Gym, is set to square up against Warrington’s David Price in Rotherham on July 4.

The Cumbrian fighter has not been in fight action since drawing with the 6 foot 7 inch, 22-stone giant, Steven “Killer” Miller in the UK Raging Bull heavyweight bare-knuckle championship in January.

Heggie is looking forward to his clash with Price and said: “My last fight with Steven Miller ended in a draw after six rounds.

“A draw is very unusual in bare-knuckle boxing, but there will be no draw in my fight with David Price as it’s a fight to the finish.

“There are unlimited rounds of three minutes. You can only win by knockout or if one guy gives in. Price is unbeaten and so am I, so it should be quite a battle.

“My coach Patrick Mulroy, who I respect a lot as he really knows his stuff, has got me well prepared and I am confident I will win.

“I was to have fought in Carlisle in April, but the fight was postponed ... a pity, as I have got to know a few people in the gym in Hawick and some of them were coming to see the fight.”

Heggie has become a somewhat familiar face in Hawick.

He said: “I get off the bus at the same time every day at Morrisons and walk to the gym.

“I meet a lot of the same people and although I don’t know their names, we speak to each other. Some have even stopped me to say that they have seen my picture in The Southern Reporter and I think that is very nice. It’s the same when I walk back for the bus from the gym.”

Mulroy, who hails from Earlston, said of his fighter’s Rotherham encounter: “Decca is a good trainer. He works really hard, does what he is told and is in great condition, and I am expecting him to do well.”