Premier performance from league leaders



Despite suffering a spate of injuries at the start of this match in Edinburgh, Borders hockey players ran out with a convincing victory.

The game started at a fairly slow pace and although Reivers retained possession and controlled the game there were just too many players around the goal to allow anyone a clear shot.

Play was also hampered by a number of players leaving the park. First down was Denise Fairbairn, who suffered a blow to the knee from a lifted ball, as she was making a recovery on the sideline Sara Robson then fell on the rock-hard pitch and took a time out for ice, while Kirsty Marchbank also suffered a heavy fall.

Eventually the squad was back to full strength and shots on goal came in triplicate with Elena Lunn, Ashley Robson and Laura Maclean all finding the target before half-time.

A change in attacking formation allowed the visitors more space after the restart with goals coming from Sarah Mathers (2), Marchbank, Maclean and Sara Robson.

The goal of the game came from young Jenny Sharp who fielded a ball on the 25, took it into the circle, knocked it on to her reverse stick and drove low and hard past the keeper. Well done also to 14-year-old Dani Walker playing in her first match for the seconds.

This Saturday, Fjordhus face Kelso at Tweedbank.