Possessive Reivers lose out to long balls

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Regardless of their long journey the Reivers ladies got off to a strong start by dictating the tempo and dominating possession.

However, Gordonians put a massive press on the Borderers defence resulting in them scoring the opening goal of the game.

Fjordhus responded with fantastic hockey, weaving the ball and remaining patient until finding a gap through which to pounce. Winning their first corner of the game the visitors scored from a straight sweep past the keeper’s right foot by Rhona Gowans.

The second half started with the score line all even. Again Fjordhus Reivers dominated the play with simple mature hockey. Throughout the 35 minutes their statistics were better than that of their opponents with 60% of possession to the home team’s 40%. This allowed Reivers to create countless opportunities at goal, unfortunately none of which were able to be converted.

The increased pressure on their defence resulted in the home team resorting to forcing long balls the length of the pitch. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective and won them not one but two goals. The first from a penalty corner and the second from a last minute counter attack.