Mastering their sport

England hosted the 2015 Women’s Hockey Masters Home Nations Tournament and four players from the Borders travelled to Wakefield, to take part in their respective age groups for Scotland.

Janet Jack, Melrose, and Carolyn Allison, Duns, were in the over-50s, Moira Anderson, Duns, in the over-55s, and Jackie Wilson, Hawick, in the over-45s.

Against Wales, it was an encouraging start with results going Scotland’s way for the over-40s 3-1, over-45s 2-1 and the over-50s 5-1. The over-55s secured a solid 1-1 draw.

However, on the Saturday, they were unable to overturn the English squads (over-40s drew 0-0, over-45s lost 3-0, over-50s lost 3-1 and over-55s lost 5-0).

Sunday was the final day of matches when Ireland played all Scottish teams except the over-55s. A combined 55/60s English team played the Scottish over-55s as Ireland don’t have a team in this age group.

The Scots were so close to their first win of the tournament, being 2-1 in front with six minutes to go, but England managed to equalise minutes before full time.

The over-50s and over-45s also had tough matches, being beaten 3-1 and 1-0 respectively. The over-40s came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2.