Kelso cyclists in league of their own

After a week of misery due to bad weather, Kelso Wheelers returned to league action over the 12-mile Orange Lane course, bagging nine personal bests and a course record.

A storming ride from Colin Stevenson secured the win by 43 seconds, while Oscar Onley set his third youths’ course record of the season.

Red Division: C. Stevenson 20 points/26.49 pb; R. Norris 18/28.32 pb; R. Ure 16/28.23 pb; D. Richardson 14/29.02; J. Smith 12/28.20; K. Darling 10/27.32; M. Burgher 8/28.38.

Pink Division: G. Ford 20/30.08 pb; R. Connell 18/31.54; G. Dalglish 16/32.46 pb; R. Kerr 14/34.09; K. Wilson 12/31.29; G. Easson 10/32.21; L. Thomson 4/30.08; J. Bader 4/30.14; D. Scott-Watson 4/32.45; A. Power 4/33.14; G. Gauld 4/34.18.

Polka Dot Divison: D. Whitecross 20/33.59 pb; A. Ker 18/35.13; R. Smith 16/36.40; M. Johnstone 4/36.26.

Yellow Division: B. Simpson 20/33.07 pb; O. Onley 18/32.51 pb/CR; D. Easson 16/38.05 pb.